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The Athens Motorcycle Club was established in 1934 and became an AMA charter member in 1936.  Yes, it has been over 70 years, meaning we are possibly the longest lasting off-road club in the U.S.  We currently have approximately 29 members, however, over the many wonderful years we have had hundreds of exceptional and very active members.
Located in the beautiful appalachian hills of Southeast Ohio we host Enduros, Harescrambles and Dual Sports.
Feel free to explore our site to learn more about us, our races, scores, photos and highlights.
If you would like to become a member feel free to visit our Contact Us page, to email one of our members showing your interest.  Please understand this can be time consuming.  We meet one Wednesday a month, and the Wednesday before and after each race.  All members must also participate in the getting ready for the races and working the races.


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2nd Annual CHARLIE HAWK Memorial HareScramble Mar 9 2014



I would like to give out some atta-boys to the sponsors and people that stepped
up for this event.
This was great way to show tribute to our late friend, Charlie Hawk.
Some of his kids were there and were very pleased with  the respect we showed

their father.

The sponsors for our series from 2012 are
Lancaster Sport Cycles (Tim Shepherd)
GMR Giddings Machine Racing and
Ohio Motorcycle.

Please don't forget these guys when you need parts and service.

PDQ Sanitation (Mark Abdella) for sponsoring our Pro Class purse with $200 bucks
                    whether it's trash or crap, he"ll take it !!!

Hats off to the club members for their help, Chuck Dailey for the pix, etc
Mike and Tonya from HVMC for their help with this race and the ACHS series.

Remember, the clubs are not in this for profit, they are in it for the sport.
When you race at an Appalachian Championship Harescrambles Series event or an Appalachia
n Championship Enduro Series event and see a club member, give them a thank you.

I would also like thank Charlie's kids for coming out to the memorial HareScrambles.

We have happy memories of their Dad.

Most of all, THANKS to you, the riders, without you there are no races.
KB & AB 

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